Ann Coulter Accidentally Tells The Truth About The Future Of The GOP On Hannity (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter has carved out a lucrative career of being as deliberately offensive as she can be in order to never get a REAL job. To pay the bills, she’s always crapping out books about how terrible people who think for themselves are, typically with a photo of her looking condescending on the book cover. She’s really a living and breathing exaggeration of every right-wing stereotype. One who lets racists, misogynists, and all around terrible people know that they’re not alone.

On a recent episode of Hannity, Coulter went on her usual “Mexican immigrants are evil and stealing the soul of nice white people” rant for which she’s so famous. But something truly amazing happened during this pointless tirade: a little bit of the truth got out.

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“If Hillary wins, she will amnesty 30+ million illegal aliens and Republicans will never win an election again,” said Coulter.

Did you catch it? While it’s not “illegal aliens,” Coulter is correct that a diversifying population is making it harder and harder for Republicans to hold onto power. I guess every dog has its day and every lunatic has a moment of clarity. Okay, so maybe it was by mere happenstance, but Ann will take anything she can get.

The fact remains that Republicans ability to win national elections by simply making sh*t up and exploiting white rage is growing as old and stale as the bread at the Olive Garden. Trump is the end result of years upon years of stoking racial tensions and making ignorance fashionable.  For the first time in history, the Democratic Party is on the verge of controlling the presidency, both chambers of Congress, and the Supreme Court. This is not so much indicative of a strong and effective Democratic Party, but rather an increasingly angry, racist, and unhinged Republican Party which is rapidly dying out.

For the first time in history, Ann Coulter might be right.

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