New Poll Shows White Republicans Are The Angriest People In America

Week after week we are bombarded with horrifying stories of mass shootings, senseless violence and acts of domestic terror. One week Dylann Roof shoots up a black church killing nine people, another week Robert Deer goes on a crazy rampage inside Planned Parenthood and most recently a group of armed militia men have taken over a national wildlife refuge in Burn, Oregon. What do all these incidents have in common? They are all committed by angry white Republicans who feel they have the right to break the law and even kill innocent people in a misguided effort to get their country back.

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Over the past several years we have seen white Republicans become increasingly more angry as opportunities for the middle-class fade into obscurity. Groups who were once marginalized and dismissed by the general public gain political power and score wins in the personal freedom column. As white Republicans blame the poor and the powerless for all their misery, their rage grows, sometimes exploding in acts of terror and violence. But don’t take my word for it let’s look at the numbers.

In a recent NBC News/Esquire online poll white Republicans ranked as the angriest people among all Americans. While the overall numbers show Americans are generally angrier today than just a year ago, break those numbers down and it shows a disturbing trend of who carries the most anger in our country across the board. White people ranked number one in the anger department with 54 percent of whites polled saying they are angrier today than just a year ago, compared to Hispanics who polled at 43 percent and African-Americans who polled much lower than both at 33 percent.

The margin of anger is not just divided among racial lines. Republicans have shown to be much angrier at 61 percent. Democrats polled almost 10 points lower in the anger department at 52 percent.

Even more striking than the numbers themselves are the reasons for people’s outrage. While Democrats were most outraged by the killing of unarmed black men by police, Republicans are the most outraged over our ineffectual Congress and consumer fraud.

What does this poll really say about the stark differences between Republican and Democrats? It seems Republicans draw their anger from what they see as oppression directed towards them by, well, pretty much everyone; the media, the government, the unions and especially minorities. Whereas, a Democrat’s anger seems to come from a place of injustice towards others and the total usurpation of our political system by the super wealthy and corrupt politicians that do their bidding.

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