Anderson Cooper Interviewed Trump Supporters And It Was Terrifying (VIDEO)

In an interview on Anderson Cooper 360 Trump supporters spoke about their beliefs and their support of Trump, and well, honestly, pure xenophobic drivel would have been less disturbing than this under-educated view of the world.

Trump supporters are frightening, not because they are xenophobic haters (well, not totally), but because they literally have no idea what Donald Trump will do — they just want to be great again. They want it to be like when Reagan was president, but have no idea that the tax cuts by Reagan and Bush (and Bush lite) are why we are now in a nation rife with working poor. In a nation where, in most places, you can not even afford an apartment if only one person is working.

Listening to them, all of them, caused my hair to stand up and my throat to close. My logical mind screamed, in pain, over the vacuous acceptance of the YEARS of preparation by the GOP. “Blame Obama” and “Hillary is the devil” seem to have become so deeply seeded in these people they can’t separate it from reality. Much like they seem to have trouble separating their heads from their… feelings.


The 11 million people Trump promises to deport? They believe him, and they don’t know how he is going to do it, nor does that appear to bother them that they don’t know.

They don’t care if that means camps, armed raids, bloodshed, and an INSTANTLY defunded Social Security. They don’t care that it will leave hundreds of thousands of American citizens orphaned. Trumpers don’t care because those 11 million people don’t count; they don’t see themselves as racists, because they are leaning on unhealthy nationalism to validate their feelz. 


When we say racist they hear “you don’t understand us,” because they don’t believe they are racists, they are elitists — they just want to be seen as the very best. Their only pride is in association, where they were born and how people see that place. It is that sad.

The wall he promises to build to keep the “undesirables” out? They believe him. Seriously, because they need that to happen. Because elitists don’t like people coming into their club, especially not in any other way than with an invitation.

They are currently laboring under the GOP lies that the last 8 years of economic growth actually signify nothing, we are still bad off and we aren’t strong enough. They don’t see the congressional obstructionism as the problem, they see the president as the problem.

The recurring theme is that they believe that an authoritarian will inspire fear of our nation, and make them great by association. They appear to believe that being feared, not being wise or well-educated, makes you great. You see, it isn’t that they don’t believe we are involved in a class war, it is that they believe they are losing one — instead of realizing that giving everyone equal opportunities is a good thing.

These are the people attempting to put an authoritarian, another word for fascist, into office, so they can feel they are better than other countries because THAT will make them proud. Not a booming economy and health care for all, not a country that isn’t at war with everyone because we only use our power when we need to. Nope, they need to be able to knock down those that make fun of them for living in a country that doesn’t take care of its citizens.

Besides, Donald Trump loves their conspiracy theories and even encourages them. That is enough for many people who feel disrespected to choose him.


That is why we should be terrified of them, not because most are latent racists, not because they aren’t aware of what a Trump future really means. Because they are, and because they do, and because that makes them feel safe.

And because if they feel better than others, and when they are aligned with the bully, they are in their comfort zone.

Featured image via screen capture

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