And They Wonder Why We Say They’re Deplorable: Meet ‘Genocide Jimmy’ Oregon’s Loudest Neo-Nazi (TWEETS)

If you live in Washington and Oregon, you might have seen the truck emblazoned with a swastika and anti-Semitic slurs. Jimmy Marr, the driver, is an unapologetic neo-Nazi. His Twitter handle is @GenocideJimmy. The comments about Jews and blacks on his Twitter feed will turn your stomach.

Jimmy has repainted his truck for the election. Not because of a change of heart or anything, but because he wants Donald Trump to win. Instead of sporting “but Jew Lies Matter more,” as it used to, it now reads: “Trump, Do The White Thing.”

Marr regularly drives his truck on Interstate 5, between Seattle and Eugene, spreading his message of white supremacy. This past Labor Day weekend, he drove up and down I-5 on a tour of ugliness and hate.

As you can see from the white sign in the picture on the left, Jimmy is also a Holocaust denier. The worst kind of anti-Semite, as far as I’m concerned. My Father-in-Law flew concentration camp survivors out of Germany after the camps were freed. He used to tell us, “It’s amazing how many 80-lb people you can fit in an airplane.” I have friends whose parents and other relatives died in a concentration camp or, luckily, survived one. To deny the abundant evidence, both physical and anecdotal, is just plain stupid. But holocaust deniers like to tell themselves the fairy tale that it never happened. Maybe to alleviate guilt.

Marr also likes to park his Hate Truck and take out his bagpipes to annoy people even further.

Besides the Holocaust denial sign and Trump tailgate, Marr’s Truck of hate bears a red pill on the side, with the legend: “Truth Dispels Darkness.” This is a reference to the film “The Matrix.” Marr was told by one young neo-Nazi at a gathering that Donald Trump had acted as his “red pill.”

The posts in his Twitter feed read like a hate rally. Here’s a few examples from a prominent resident of the Basket of Deplorables:

No doubt Marr will not like this article. He thinks that any negative press he gets is because journalists are all part of the “jewsmedia.” Like most insecure people who need to put others down to make themselves feel superior because, in reality, they know that they are just human like the rest of us, Marr attacks anyone who points his hatred out. Well, guess what Jimmy Marr? You can bluster all you like but you are just another little man filled with self-hatred. And, like your brethren, you lash out at others to make yourself feel important.

Hope your truck throws a rod.

H/T to Eder Campuzanao/The Oregonian

Featured Image via Twitter

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