An RNC Official Physically Attacked Ted Cruz And His Wife For Not Endorsing Trump: ‘Traitor!’

If there’s one thing you can say about Ted Cruz it’s this; he’s consistent. He’s always obnoxious. Cruz delivered a speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday night that drew boos and catcalls when he refused to fall in line and endorse Donald Trump as the party’s official candidate.

To say that Cruz’s speech did not go over well would be an understatement. He was met with boos and chants of “We want Trump” when he told the audience:

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And to those listening, please, don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution.

No mention of Trump. At. All. That does make him the only Republican with a semblance of a backbone but it did not endear him to Trump supporters or party stalwarts. On the convention floor, things got so dangerous for Ted’s wife Heidi that she was whisked away by security.

But things only got more dangerous from there. As they were headed to the elevator that would take them down to the super glam hospitality suites, one of those stalwarts blocked their way.

Susan Hutchison is the chair of the Washington State GOP. As such, she has to toe the party line — even though the Washington delegation is heavy with Cruz supporters. According to a witness, Hutchison “went bananas” at the couple, calling Cruz a “traitor to the party” and his refusal to endorse Trump “inexcusable.” She had to be restrained and was hustled away by security, though she doesn’t seem to remember that part.

I just told him I thought his speech was inexcusable, and I was so disappointed in him,” Hutchison said… she didn’t recall Cruz’s response. “I was angry, everybody was angry. You heard everybody booing him. We were astounded at what he did.” Hutchison said she did not think security got involved.

To add insult to injury, the Cruzs were not allowed into that hospitality suite. Turns out that suite was Sheldon Adelson’s and he is a Trump supporter. After Ted’s display of cojones, that made Ted and Heidi persona non grata. Ouch.

Susan Hutchison used to be an anchor on the local LDS-owned CBS affiliate, KIRO (chi-ro, get it?) She left the news desk behind and got involved with local, then state, politics. To say that she is conservative is like saying Trump has small hands. She worked her way up to Chair of the state GOP and is the face of the delegation at the convention.

Interesting thing… when Hutchison announced the delegates’ votes — all for Trump because of the popular vote, even though most of the delegates support Cruz — she snubbed Seattle. In the litany of things about the state that precedes the actual delegate count, Hutchison mentioned wheat fields, Boeing and volcanoes but neglected to identify the most populous city in the state. Why?

I specifically left out Seattle this year,” she said, citing the state’s “massive Democratic votes” year after year. “It’s just time for the people of the rest of the state to recognize how important they are.

Because the Western side of the Cascades is liberal and progressive and that’s bad. I rest my case. It’s not surprising that Hutchison got in Cruz’s face after his speech. She makes Rick Santorum look moderate and is as loyal as a pup to the Republican party.

Ted Cruz says that he told the Trump campaign that he would not endorse. They say he didn’t. It’s a moot point at this juncture. Cruz will go back to his hidden fortress and begin planning his 2020 run at the presidency. After he sheds that itchy human suit, of course.

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