Ammosexual, NRA-Obsessed Sarah Palin Decimated By Pastor In Scathing Documentary (VIDEO)

There is a Christian documentary coming out later this month, and the NRA and Republicans are going to hate it.

In it, a pastor addresses the contradiction of an extremely pro-gun, pro-shooting-people culture, with the theory that this same culture is somehow also “pro-life”.

The documentary, “The Armor of Light” asks if you can be “pro-gun” in every way that Republican and Tea Party loons like Sarah glorify, while also claiming that all life is sacred and everything should be done to protect it. You know, like common sense gun safety laws that can’t get passed because of Jesus or some nonsense.

This issue is a serious one, outside of the hypocrisy as well. These “Christian” gun freaks are convincing people who carrying assault level weapons capable of massive numbers of deaths in mere minutes, is what God told them personally we are all supposed to do.

In one scene, Palin is gleefully addressing a crowd of mesmerized gun fetishists, saying that you shouldn’t waste money on a warning shot, because ammunition is expensive. She literally thinks this is funny, because somehow the cost of one bullet is worth more to her than the loss of human life.

Speaking of which, Joe Biden, remember this, telling women before an assault just to fire a warning shot. Just aim up in the air, that was his directive…Gals, you know that nowadays, ammo is expensive. Don’t waste a bullet on a warning shot.

The look of confused amusement on her face when she says that and the happy applause from the crowd of gun crazy idiots are damned scary. Maybe a warning shot would keep you from murdering your wife, husband, or children who got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Then comes the NRA living caricature, Wayne LaPierre, fear mongering about how literally everyone everywhere might be planning to kill you, because of things like “haters” and “knock out gamers”. Knock out gamers? Really Wayne? What does this even mean? These people being heavily armed, and ready to shoot anyone they don’t like because God told them to do it really makes them one thing. They are the American ISIS.

Watch the sickening display by Sarah and Wayne and the pastor’s profound response to it below:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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