America Yawns As Some Guy Named Bobby Jindal Endorses Donald Trump

On Tuesday, the former Republican Louisiana governor and short-lived rising star of the party, Bobby Jindal endorsed Donald Trump for president:

Bobby Jindal said Tuesday that while Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is by no means his first choice for president, he’d vote for the controversial businessman over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“If he is the nominee, I will be voting for him, I will be supporting him,” Jindal, who also ran for president this cycle, said on CNN.

Wait, what? Jindal was running for president? Let me check that……oh yeah! He never rose above an asterisk in the polling. I forgot about that. Bobby Jindal, the human rounding error. Jindal for President: Because You Can’t Drop Below Zero In A Poll!

Anyway, the reason Jindal supports Trump is because Trump might just get something done before he sets the country on fire:

The former Louisiana governor argued that under Trump, Republicans have a shot at repealing ObamaCare and putting a conservative justice on the Supreme Court, compared to their prospects with Clinton in the White House.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Meanwhile, just a few scant months ago, Jindal tried to use Trump as his personal punching bag:

Before announcing his support for Trump, Jindal declared that Trump is a “narcissistic,” “dangerous” and “unstable” “egomaniacal madman” who is lying about his conservative and Christian beliefs.

Even chalking it up to political expediency, it’s hard to take Jindal’s endorsement seriously after that kind of vitriol. That he was right makes it even harder to swallow. But it does show just how lacking in any kind of moral compass Republicans are that they’re rushing to embrace a white supremacist simply because he’s on their side.

Once upon a time, waaaaaaaay back in 2012, the Republican Party had one last chance to pull back from the brink. Even Jindal said they needed to stop being the party of stupid. But it was so much easier to let the angry bigots of the Tea Party take over that the GOP just gave in.

And now they’re officially The Party of Stupid. Congratulations! You must be so proud, Bobby!

Featured image via IYON archives

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