All Hell Breaks Loose At First Charlottesville City Council Meeting Since Nazi Rally

All hell broke loose on Monday when the city of Charlottesville held their first city council meeting since torch-wielding white supremacists took over the small Virginia town, leaving a counter-protester dead in their wake. Residents were more than ready to let the city council know just how they felt about the city allowing Nazis to march through their streets.

“You had multiple opportunities to intervene and you did not intervene one time.  We told you exactly what you needed to do and you did nothing,” one man told the city council members at the meeting.

Two protesters who were holding a sign that read “Blood on your hands” climbed up on top of the dais, at which point several members of the city council got scared and ran away. Police eventually removed several people from the meeting and arrested at least three of them, which prompted the crowd to chant “Shame” and “Shut it down.”

Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, was the only official who had the guts to stay and try to negotiate with the protesters, who have every right to be pissed off that Nazis were given a permit to spread their hate and violence throughout Charlottesville. The protesters called for Mayor Mike Signer to resign from his position, chanting “Signer must go!”

After making it abundantly clear that they do not appreciate the city council inviting white supremacists to town, they also demanded the removal of Confederate monuments from Charlottesville. The city agreed to begin the removal process and a motion was approved by the council that will commemorate the victims of the Nazi rally by draping black fabric over the statues.

Watch more on the mayhem here, via WVIR:
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