All Cable News Has To Do To Cost Trump The Election Is Play Clips Like This (VIDEO)

So it actually happened. We have Trump as the Republican nominee for president. Everyone kept saying that he wouldn’t win, but he did. Not only did he win but he actually forced others to give up early. However, all that winning tends to make you the biggest target, as you can see in the CNN video below.

There’s a difference between appealing to the lowest common denominator Republican, and appealing to both women and independent voters that could swing Republican. The problem is that Trump can’t do either of those as easily as he wants you to think.

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Winning the Republican primary is sort of like winning a contest of who can inhale the most horse farts. If you win, are you really a “winner?”

That’s where video segments like this come into play. Trump played a long game of saying racist, misogynistic and bigoted things in small amounts here and there, over an extended period of time. Small bits here and there get forgotten. What happens when you condense it together? The short answer? It’s a huge problem for Donald.

Trump’s media appearance addiction has basically created every attack ad against him for 2016. All that anyone needs to refer to are his cable news appearances and rallies, which is what CNN did below in this absolutely brilliant video of his “best” moments.

Ads like this will start very soon, and run from now until election night. There’s virtually no chance that even Trump would survive a sustained assault like that. I wonder how it feels to know you literally screwed yourself out of the presidency by just being “yourself.”

See if you can keep from laughing at Trump’s “greatest hits” of the 2016 primary below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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