Alicia Machado Brutally Mocks Trump’s Trophy Wife: ‘I Speak More English Than Her’

The 1996 Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado, has been like Kryptonite for Donald Trump this past week. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton rolled out the secret attack on Trump’s past with women at Monday night’s first presidential debate, and Trump walked right into the trap. First, he peppered the Machado exchange with exclaims of “where did you get that?!?!” making it perfectly clear that he had no clue what was coming. Then, he continued the feud all week, attacking Machado’s weight during her reign as Miss Universe on Fox and Friends, and, finally, coming completely unglued on Twitter in the middle of the night/early morning on Friday with continued unhinged attacks.

Well, now, Machado has launched an attack that is sure to get under Trump’s skin even more, by going after aspiring First Lady Melania Trump. Machado essentially called Melania out for being the trophy wife that she is, and mocked the former model and Slovenia immigrant thusly:

“I think I speak more English than her. I don’t see anything about this girl. She’s a doll. She’s a decoration. That is how I see her.”

Machado is right, of course. Melania is nothing more than a trophy wife, who is far too young for Trump. She married him for his money, and he married her to be nothing more than pretty arm candy. After all, what model would marry a disgusting orange buffoon like Trump were it not for his billions? Such a union makes absolutely no sense in any other context; after all, there’s hardly anything lovable about the man.

Of course, this all comes after the launching of a brilliant trap by Hillary Clinton, who knows how thin Trump’s skin is. Just watch and see, he won’t be able to resist this one either, and this story will continue to have oxygen through this week, and into the vice presidential debate, as well as into the second presidential debate.

Hell, it might even last into November if the Clinton campaign – and, of course Alicia Machado – continue to bait the sniveling mouse who can’t resist the cheese in the trap.

Featured image via Kevork Djansezian/WireImage/Getty Images

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