Alex Jones Warns America: Obama Is Going To ‘Activate The Beyoncés’ (VIDEO)

Alex Jones by himself is crazy, but team him with Harlem pastor James David Manning — he of the spooge lattes at Starbucks — and you get crazy cubed. and the two of them really put that on display when they claimed Obama was going to stay in the White House after this year’s election and “activate the Beyoncés” to help maintain power.

Oh dear.

“Viacom, CIA-run weapons system”

Now, Beyoncé terrifies the right-wing. It might be that she’s an African-American woman with a powerful presence; her charisma far exceeds anything their flabby fascist Trump has to offer. It might also be because she’s not been silent about police abuse of African-Americans.

Whatever the case, she’s a popular target for right-wingers, including Alex Jones.

Now, Alex Jones is notable for occupying a region of . . . let’s be generous and call it “thought” . . . where few dare to tread. Not because he possesses some sort of preternatural insight — make no mistake; he’s about as unhinged as a Lovecraftian sorcerer, but without the knowledge in the ineffable that comes with it.

No, the world he lives in is one where minds eulogize knowledge and replace evidence-based reasoning with paranoid pareidolia.

You can’t just explain where Jones goes wrong with his thinking. That’s like just explaining to a person who’s dead certain cubes have four sides why they’re wrong. There’s nowhere to logically begin with that claim because their claim defies all logic and good sense.

Jones’ thinking is less the catholicon for ignorance he and his followers might believe it to be and more a titanic testimony to all the ways human heuristics can catastrophically, spectacularly cock up.

Having said all that, imagine Jones cubed — because that’s exactly what the world got on Wednesday when the notorious pastor James David Manning joined Jones on his show, to claim that Obama was going to stay in power by releasing Muslims from prison.

“Black men that go to prison learn about Islam,” Manning said. “It’s very pervasive in the prisons.”

According to Manning, criminal justice reform is just a fig leaf, and it’ll empty the prisons of violent, America-hating criminals. The remake of the miniseries “Roots” was also going to play a roll, because it was “hyping” slavery even though “everybody’s done it,” and will stoke anti-American sentiments.

According to Manning, the original “Roots” series “stirred the hearts of young men” and “sent men to prison in large numbers” in the 1970s. So it only makes logical sense, then, that a remake will do the same thing again, especially if it’s “hyping” slavery.

Jones agreed, and added that Obama wanted to empty the prisons to make room for “the libertarians, the patriots, and the Christians” so that the “Viacom, CIA-run weapons system is activating the Beyoncés and all the rest of the folks to say, ‘Go out and kill the pigs.’”

Did you ever get the impression that Jones is a chatbot that just strings random phrases together? Because that’s the impression I’m getting.

Jones continued, adding while “most Americans are locked and loaded” to deal with violent criminals, these felons will become Obama’s Brownshirt paramilitary. When it came time to add his input, Manning couldn’t “imagine Obama walking away from power.”

I doubt that. Manning can imagine some crazy shit. I’m sure if he tried hard enough, he could imagine something normal like Obama stepping down.

This personal army, according to Manning, will start a race war that will give Obama all the justification he needs to stay in office:

Why should he walk away and say, ‘Well, I had my eight years’? He’s gonna try something, he’s going to. He’s already put it in the works. I mean, remember, Obama is CIA, understand that he is a compadre with Putin in Russia, he’s not gonna walk away from world power. He just isn’t going to do it. And anybody who thinks that he does — now, I’m all for Trump, hey, you know I am, I’m all in on Trump — but anybody who thinks that Obama’s gonna walk away from power, you’re not thinking. You just aren’t thinking.

Well, if anyone knows a thing or two about not thinking, it’s clearly Manning.

Watch the video below:


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