Alex Jones Pushes ‘Michelle Obama Is A Man’ Conspiracy After Trump Family Promotes Him

When you spend your days watching the world of politics, you get used to certain people saying or doing certain things. One of those people is Alex Jones and, by extension, his website Infowars. The site pushes every nasty story it can make up about the Obamas, Hillary Clinton and other high-profile liberals and Democrats. The alt-right (and Donald Trump, Jr.), naturally, eats it up. It’s basically a conspiracy theory blog posing as real journalism.

On Thursday, an Infowars journalist hack spotted a piece on the National Enquirer‘s website that he decided was actual, real news. Written by the Enquirer’s staff, the story alleges that First Lady Michelle Obama has gained 95 pounds due to a “wild food binge.” Further, they say that Barack has told her to lose the weight and curb her “out-of-control appetite” or he will divorce her.

This being the National Enquirer, the source is “insiders.” And their “proof” is a picture of the First Family disembarking from Marine One. The wind is whipping Michelle’s dress against her legs, outlining their muscles. This, the nimrods at the Enquirer think, proves that she has gained a massive amount of weight. Yes, it is totally ridiculous. But we all know that the National Enquirer mostly just makes stuff up. They’ve been sued over it before but the use of words like “insiders told us” or “some say” (Fox News’ favorite) or “it appears” keeps them just out of legal reach.

The conspiracy nuts over at Infowars loved this bit of gossip. Kit Daniels, one of their “journalists,” and ran with it, writing up a piece that went even farther. In it, he stresses the idea that Michelle Obama is more physically imposing than the POTUS:

“What is certain, however, is that Michelle is built like a linebacker – and makes the president look like a green bean in comparison.”

Hardly. As many have noted since he was elected, Barack Obama is one of the most fit presidents in our history. He carries about 180 pounds on his 6-foot-one frame. That’s the result of a regular workout routine that the president sticks to even while traveling abroad.

The First Lady, who has always urged Americans to move — her “Let’s Move” campaign has rankled many on the right who would rather not be told to leave their Mom’s basement — also has an exercise routine. It’s safe to say that the First Family is incredibly fit.

But Kit Daniels, based on a doubtful source and out of context picture, thinks that Michelle Obama ought to be on the Seahawk’s defensive line. It’s body shaming and it’s disgusting. But not unexpected from someone who would write this:

“The photo, of course, will only fuel more speculation that Michelle is actually a biological male.”

Well, there it is. That ugly, misogynistic, moronic conspiracy theory that the First Lady is really a man. Yes, there are people who believe this tripe. Probably because they have some serious Mommy issues. Just click on Daniels’ Twitter post and read the comments in reply:

They believe that the “biometrics” have been done and prove Michelle’s “real” gender. Really! The thing is, they’re simply jealous that a woman can be in better shape than they are. It’s a way to dehumanize her — they also call her “Moochelle” and compare her to “Lucy Australopithecus” — so that they don’t have to accept her as First Lady. Or her husband, whom they maintain is gay, as their President.

These are some very sick individuals and to even dip ones’ toes into the cesspool of their sickness is enough to make one want an immediate shower. Which I do.

Keep it classy, Infowars.

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