Alex Jones: Obama Planned The Federal Building Seizure (VIDEO)

Alex Jones is getting nuttier and creepier as time goes on. He is reliably pro-gun, though, and he’s always quick to accuse the black guy in the White House of wanting to take all his and his listeners’ guns.

Jones, would normally defend the ranchers who refuse to pay their grazing fees (he defended Cliven Bundy during 2014’s armed BLM standoff), but this time he’s skipping right over the ranchers and placing the blame straight on the President’s shoulders.

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‘Ladies and gentlemen, don’t let Obama be successful when it comes to starting civil unrest and riots in this country,’ Jones said. ‘They will use that as a civil emergency to bring in a type of soft martial law.’

He went on to say that ‘federal provocateurs’ are leading militia groups to launch false flag attacks like the Oklahoma City bombing. ‘All hell is breaking loose in the stock market, militarily overseas, so many issues, and the establishment is going to want a political diversion here in America and they’ve been putting out the talking points that white terrorists are going to start attacking, that white terrorists are going to be involved in insurrection.’

Here’s the video:

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