Alec Baldwin Makes Trump Look Like A Screaming Baby With One Brilliant Tweet

Proving once again that his skin is as thin as his hair and he can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, Donald Trump went on yet another late night trainwreck tweetstorm. Luckily, this time it had nothing to do with washed-up beauty queens so we can chalk that up as progress. Rather, Trump lost it after Alec Baldwin gave another spot-on portrayal of him on SNL.

Once again, Baldwin brought his Trump impression to SNL, brutally mocking Trump’s seemingly never-ending sexual assaults and moments of infamy. As a public figure, one who is running for president no less, it should be expected that you will receive a bit of mockery on television. Most people can handle it. Hillary certainly has. However, Trump’s thin skin means he instead has an early morning meltdown.

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Yes, Donald: because you have absolutely no sense of humor or humility, that makes everything unfunny. Don’t laugh at the orange Fuhrer!

Baldwin knows Trump well enough to not bother feeding the troll-in-chief and let Trump think that he got to him. So all he had to do was simply retweet Trump’s original post for all to see, indicating that he will step up his game next week. It’s also obvious Trump’s call for the show to “retire” and for Alec Baldwin to stop playing him is not exactly making the actor shake in his boots.


Trump clearly still doesn’t get how comedy works.

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