Alec Baldwin Goes Off Script On SNL, Pleads With Voters To Make The Right Choice (VIDEO)

This election has been exhausting for all of us, but can you imagine how Alec Baldwin must feel, having to portray a man like Donald Trump every week? I truly hope he gets an Emmy out of this — it might be the only thing that could make all of this seem worth it to him. And Kate McKinnon deserves one too. The two of them are perhaps the best match-up in the history of SNL’s political satire.

Saturday’s cold open on SNL began much like they have since Alec Baldwin took on the role of Donald Trump. He and Kate McKinnon, who portrays Hillary Clinton, appeared on Erin Burnett’s (played by Cecily Strong) show Out Front to speak one last time before the election this Tuesday.

After trading their usual scripted insults, Baldwin had clearly had enough and stopped.

“I’m sorry, Kate. I just hate yelling this stuff at you like this.”

Kate agrees, saying she finds this election all so “mean,” Then, while addressing the camera and the SNL audience, Alec Baldwin says:

“Don’t you all feel gross about all of this?”

What happens after that is amazing. Watch the full sketch below:

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Featured Image via video screenshot 

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