Alaska Republican Spouts Homophobia To Students Right After Denigrating Teen Suicide

The jagoff who made tone-deaf, insensitive comments about teen suicide at Wasilla High School apparently didn’t stop there. Representative Don Young also dropped homophobic comments after a student asked why he still opposed marriage equality. The comments shook the student up, and the principal cut the assembly short after Young decided he was just going to hurt these students in every way he could.

Alaska’s same-sex marriage ban fell in one of the many waves of court rulings saying these bans are unconstitutional. Zachary Grier, according to The Huffington Post, asked Young why he still opposed it, even though the courts have struck down Alaska’s ban. Young replied, with egregious insensitivity:

“‘What do you get when you have two bulls having sex?’ When Grier answered that he didn’t know, Young told him: ‘A whole lot of bull.'”

Grier later told HuffPo:

“I was pretty upset. I can understand having your own opinion, and that’s fine. But having your own opinion and coming into a room filled with high schoolers and telling them that same-sex marriage is the same as two bulls having sex — in my opinion, that’s wrong.”

It appears there’s no end to Young planting his foot firmly in his mouth. Back in 2013, he threw a racial slur out towards the Latino community on a radio show. At least House Republicans like John Boehner called on him to apologize for the remark, and he did. Boehner even said that it was “beneath the dignity the office holds.”

And, of course, his ill-considered remarks about suicide are enough to make anybody wonder just how it is that Alaska keeps electing this clown. Has he been that good at hiding this stuff until recently that people didn’t know? He’s served in Congress since 1973. Of course, it could be due to a dearth of quality candidates in the sparsely populated state.

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