Alabama Republican Says Syrian Refugees Are Just Looking For A ‘Paid Vacation’ (AUDIO)

If there is one that we have learned in the last week, it is that “Christian” Republicans absolutely SUCK at life. Seriously, they f*cking suck at life and at being decent human beings. These imbeciles flipped out when same-sex couples were granted the right to marry because they claimed homosexuality was forbidden by Christ, right? Yeah, they had absolutely no problem throwing their Bibles (the cherry-picked version) in our face when it came to equality, but suddenly they have all seemed to have forgotten how Christ felt about helping people. SHOCKING!  Now, another Republican jackass has given his opinion about the desperate Syrian refugees and it will make you vomit.

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Congressman Mo Brooks (A$$holeville) has some very unkind words about the refugees when he appeared on the Dale Jackson Show on Friday:

We’re paying them about $15,000 a year in free health care, free food, free shelter, free clothing, free transportation. That answers very quickly why so many of them want to come to the United States of America….We’re paying them to come here. It’s a paid vacation!

Now, I am going to assume that this disgusting excuse for a human being has never, ever, EVER been in a situation where he has had to leave everything and move to another fecking country with his family. I am assuming this because if he had ever suffered a tenth of what the Syrian people have he damn sure wouldn’t go on the radio and suggest that FLEEING for their lives is a vacation.

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There are few things that anger me as much as the way I have seen the American people react to the Syrian refugees. I am horrified that people who are living in a country that has everything would treat people who have nothing like garbage. I am especially disgusted by those who go to church on Sunday, claiming to be religious, treat people this way.

So, Republicans, on behalf of the decent people in this country: F*ck you!

LISTEN (starts at 5:30):

Featured image via Facebook: h/t Occupy Democrats

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