After Trump Win, Searches For ‘How Can I Move To Canada’ Skyrocket On Google (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s big win on Super Tuesday apparently sent people running to Google for information on how to “get out of Dodge” should he actually wind up as president. And where do Americans always like to threaten to go when things aren’t going their way here? Canada.

According to a tweet by Simon Rogers, a data editor at Google, as polls closed and it became obvious that Trump was going to emerge as the big winner in the GOP contests, searches on the term “how can I move to Canada” spiked.

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Simon Rogers

A little while after that, things got even crazier, and Mashable’s Brian Ries noted that at their peak, searches on similar terms hit some 1150 percent over the baseline. Ries also observed that the vast majority of the queries came from Massachusetts, where Trump won by a huge margin.

Canada became a popular destination for Americans seeking to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. In recent years the “I’m moving to Canada” threat has been heard with increasing frequency from all across the political spectrum whenever people get ticked off about how things are going in the United States. It makes sense in a way, Canada is a stable democracy where, even in many of the French-speaking areas, the citizens speak English. There are probably no two peoples in the world as alike as Canadians and Americans, although Canadians will also gladly point out the many ways we are different.

Canada’s national broadcaster, CBC, has put together a great video about the “how do I move to Canada” phenomenon, which includes some great tweets from Americans who want out, and this poignant observation:

Spring Bab

Here’s the video, via CBC:

Searches for ‘how can I move to Canada’ spike on Super Tuesday

As Donald Trump scored major victories on Super Tuesday, Americans were Googling ‘how can I move to Canada.’Read the full story

Posted by CBC News on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Featured image via CBC screen capture

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