After Humiliating ‘Says Who?!’ Gaffe On CNN, Trump Lawyer Claims Victory (VIDEO)

Michael Cohen is, at this very moment, still being laughed at for his disastrous attempt to bully CNN’s Brianna Keilar. In the clip spread far and wide on social media, after Keilar points out that Trump is losing the election, Cohen laughably demands “Says who?!” Keilar, barely maintaining her professionalism in the face of such rampant stupidity, answers, “Polls…most of them. All of them?”

It was a ridiculous exchange that left Cohen looking like he’s either in deep denial or he hasn’t bothered to look at the ton of polling data, all of which show Trump being curb-stomped in November.

But being as this is the Trump campaign, failure is not an option, even if you have to play make believe:

In a conversation with Yahoo News shortly after the conversation aired, Michael Cohen, an executive vice president and attorney at the Trump Organization, said he believed he “controlled the interview” with Brianna Keilar.

“I think I unraveled her,” Cohen boasted.

“Unraveled” suggests that Cohen had scored some kind of point because Keilar had to pause a second to process what she had just heard. Cohen suggested that she had to struggle to think of an answer:

I was shocked at the length of the silence as she stumbled to think of an answer,” Cohen said. “And when she did come up with an answer, it was so generic it could have applied to anything.

Cohen seems to be confused as to what happened in that interview. To the average Trump supporter, it looks like a dashing and brilliant lawyer running circles around the liberal media.

To everyone with a functioning brain, it looks like a buffoon making a total ass of himself by questioning the validity of the polls. The same polls, might I add, that Donald Trump wouldn’t stop bragging about several times a day right up until the point he started losing.

And let’s be clear, Cohen is absolutely “unskewing” the polls because Trump is losing:

In his conversation with Yahoo, Cohen also said he does not trust the polls Keilar referenced during the broadcast.

“I completely disagree with the polling information,” said Cohen.

He specifically pointed to Trump’s poor numbers in the African-American community as evidence that the polls may be off. Cohen, who has been working with Trump since 2006 and describes himself as fiercely loyal, has helped coordinate some of the candidate’s African-American outreach efforts and said his anecdotal experience contradicted the poll data.

For her part, Keilar wasn’t interested in defending herself against Cohen’s nonsensical claims. When contacted by Yahoo News, she responded, “Can you just embed the video in your story? My reaction is that people can watch and decide for themselves.” And, frankly, she’s right. It’s screamingly obvious that most of her pause was due to her wanting to blurt out “Are you freaking kidding me?” or “Did you really just ask me that, you gibbering idiot?” but suppressing the urge.

Here’s how she should have answered:

This is just another example of how pathetic and incompetent the entire Trump campaign is and it’s only going to get worse the longer Trump is losing to Hillary.

Featured image via screen cap.

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