After Hillary’s Brilliant Speech, #ImWithHerNow Takes Over Twitter

Thursday night, Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party and delivered a speech that was the exact opposite of Donald Trump’s nationally televised 74-minute mental breakdown. Where Trump preached hate, Hillary spoke of unity. Where Trump spread fear, Hillary created hope.

In the face of such a stark difference in approach, a number of undecided voters decided that maybe rage, fear, and hate were not the way to go. They took to twitter to share how Hillary had won them over with the hashtag “ImWithHerNow

Even Republican voters are switching teams after that speech:

And my personal favorite:

Of course, a bunch of Stein or Suicide idiots rushed over to throw cold water on the hashtag because Dog forbid Hillary should be seen as anything but pure evil:

The saddest part about Stein or Suiciders is how thrilled they would be to have Trump beat Hillary JUST so they can pat themselves on the back. Of course, most of them won’t pay the price for it the way minorities, the LGBT community, Muslims and the poor will, but their suffering is a small price to pay so Stein supporters can feel morally pure.

By way of comparison, after Trump’s apocalyptic speech, almost no one not already stocking up on guns and canned food proudly announced they had decided to vote for Trump. If this is a preview of the next 3 months, Hillary Clinton’s positive message of hope is going to persuade far more undecided voters than Trump’s message of hate and rage.

Featured image via twitter

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