After Coming Up With NOTHING, Benghazi Panel To Stop Hillary Email Witch Hunt

The Benghazi panel has gotten their butts handed to them in more ways than one, and it looks like it might actually be forcing them to reconsider how they’re doing things. They’re under heavy fire for focusing too hard on Hillary Clinton’s emails, which increasingly show absolutely nothing of any consequence. Politico reports that the committee is starting to reconsider that focus in light of increasing criticism.

Even Politico acknowledges that Hillary’s testimony on Thursday was seen as a huge success for her, and a major failure for Republicans who were unable to find that “gotcha” moment they were looking for. Republicans have been trying to convince us that her use of a private server for government business is relevant to finding out what happened at Benghazi, but it looks like that façade is starting to fall apart completely.

This could be the first concrete evidence we have that the committee is about to fall. If they seriously thought they were still on solid ground, they’d continue focusing on her emails, and trying to justify it. Instead, Democrats have stepped up the pressure on the committee regarding Hillary’s emails, and the committee has finally cracked under that pressure.

Politico reports that they’re also reconsidering whether to call Heather Samuelson to testify. Samuelson is a lawyer supposedly helped Hillary decide which emails to turn over to the State Department, and which to destroy, and the committee was, for a while, eager to question her.

Now, coupled with Gowdy’s own admission that interrogating Hillary for eleven hours failed to produce anything new, the committee is wondering whether talking to Samuelson will produce anything worthwhile.

In fact, one GOP source asked this question about bringing Samuelson here:

The question becomes: Is it worth the hassle and the drama?

Was the entire committee and investigation worth the hassle and the drama? No. Nor was it worth the taxpayer dollars. And the hopes of people like Donald Trump, that the panel would keep after Hillary, have been crushed to smithereens.

The insanity is so bad that the Democrats on the panel have been questioning staying there. On Friday, they met with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and she told them they could leave if they wanted. They aren’t, for now, but they still may. If they do, it would be just one more nail in a coffin that’s very overdue.

The panel is going back to closed-door sessions involving doing their job – meaning, investigating Benghazi.

It’s not likely that any of this testimony will reveal anything that we don’t already know, either. They’re also downplaying the emails for now, though they may have left that question open-ended, depending on what further testimony reveals.

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