After Clinton’s VP Announcement Anti-Trump GOP Senators Are Climbing Aboard The Kaine Train

On Friday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced that Virginia Senator Tim Kaine would be her vice presidential running mate this fall.

And while most Republican senators can easily find negative things to say about Hillary Clinton, it seems that there are at least a few who are having difficulty trashing Kaine. Unlike Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Kaine has cultivated deep friendships with other senators across the aisle and has a reputation for being a “nice guy.”

Senator Jeff Flake, made news when he stood up to Trump in a private meeting. He tweeted this about the senator:

On the other hand, Flake wrote a long article trashing Clinton but denounced the “lock her up” chants heard at the RNC convention.

Another Senator, who’s neither a big fan of Clinton or Trump,  is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who gave Kaine this backhanded compliment:

This fall Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) faces a difficult fight in his home state of Pennsylvania this fall to keep his Senate seat. However, even he couldn’t bring himself to say a single bad word about Clinton’s new running mate. In fact, Toomey sent out this statement praising the Virginia senator.

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One Virginia Republican summed up perfectly the conundrum many of his fellow conservatives find themselves in:

I don’t want to say anything bad about him, because he’s a very nice guy, but I don’t want to say anything good about him because I’m a Republican,” said Speaker William J. Howell of the Virginia House of Delegates.

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