After Charlottesville GOP Asks Supporters How Trump Is Doing: Great, Good, Or Just Okay?

Donald Trump has a massive ego, so much so that he’s claimed several times that he won the popular vote (he didn’t win the popular vote). The former reality show star is seven months into the job and he’s still in campaign mode, holding ego-rallies while bringing up ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton on Twitter in order to deflect from his scandal-plagued administration. But Trump’s failure to directly blame the Nazis who stormed the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia in his name while carrying torches and shouting ‘Blood and soil,’ a Nazi Germany era slogan and ‘Jews will not replace us!” has resulted in a backlash of epic proportions. The Alt-Righters are his people and instead of denouncing them for the murder of a Heather Heyer, 32, while leaving 19 others injured, he blamed ‘both sides.’

That said, the GOP gives three options in their latest poll which is titled, “Official Presidential Job Performance Poll.”

“How would you rate President Trump’s job performance so far?’ the ‘poll’ asks.

Your choices are:





We’re not saying that you should take the poll (you should take the poll) but that ‘other’ option is screaming for attention.


According to the latest Gallup poll, Trump’s approval rating is at a dismal 34 percent. If it gets much lower, he’ll be in Nixon territory and Mr. Watergate, unlike Trump, started his presidency with strong approval ratings. By the end of his presidency, Nixon’s approval rating had tumbled to 24 percent. Now, Nixon may not have had support from Nazis but he did have Roger Stone.

Trump’s approval ratings are worse than Bill Clinton’s were at the height of the proceedings to impeach him because he was the recipient of an adulterous blow job. The Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia scandal is rocking the White House but Robert Mueller is all over that. Because Trump can’t control his own temper, he lashed out at the media while blaming the victims of a terror attack perpetrated by one of his own followers so we’re going to link to the totally ‘official’ poll again.

Photo by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images.

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