After Being Asked About Russia, Trump Campaign Abruptly Says It Will Never Release His Tax Returns (VIDEO)

As if to cement the theory that Donald Trump’s tax returns are not being released because there is something there he really doesn’t want America to see, Trump’s campaign manager abruptly announced he is not going to release them, ever. And that has nothing to do with hiding anything, at all, because we are just supposed to take Trump’s word for it.

Paul Manafort said:

Mr. Trump has said that his taxes are under audit and he will not be releasing them. It has nothing to do with Russia, it has nothing to do with any country other than the United States and his normal tax auditing process.

Watch his statement here:

The fact that this happened right after he was asked about a connection to the Russian oligarchs borders on the point of too much to ignore, especially in the light that Trump himself has previously said that presidential candidates should release them. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager basically said that the most concrete way to prove this connection false, that is releasing his taxes, won’t be happening. It just won’t, and we are supposed to take this refusal as proof that there is NO connection between Trump and Russia, financially.

Just take Trump’s word for it? Hmmm. That really ignores the fact that we already know that three out of four statements that come out of the despotic orange’s mouth is a lie. But hey, here are some more of the words we were supposed to believe: that he would have no problem releasing his information.

Trump said while talking about Mitt Romney in 2012, that he wouldn’t have a problem with releasing his, that a candidate releasing his tax returns was “a good thing.” He indicated that it could show wealth and how many people you employ; it would obviously also indicate whom you do business with, who you are beholden to, and which other countries or leaders you are involved with financially.

In light of the fact that Trump can’t be trusted, and he brags about his lies for profit, mixed with the previous statements that say he would totally release his own information when he was toying with running in 2012, it is difficult to believe that there is nothing there he doesn’t want us to see. Whether that has to do with the FBI investigating a Russian connection to the email dump on WikiLeak, or hiding his own connections to foreign governments is something we won’t know unless he releases them.

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Claiming this is all about a “normal audit,” which shouldn’t stop him from proving he has nothing to hide, doesn’t cut it. He isn’t running for local office, he isn’t running for state office, he is running for the highest office in the USA, and that, that requires more transparency, period. Also, the IRS has made it clear that their audit has nothing to do with Trump releasing his tax records. They’re HIS records, the IRS has no say in the matter.

Oh, and maybe he shouldn’t be offering “great rewards,” publicly, to Russia to produce Hillary Clinton’s emails if he is really serious about clearing up this Russia/Trump connection. Not when the only thing he really needs to do is release his taxes, and he will not. Too bad, when you are a known liar, your word just doesn’t cut it, Mr. Trump.

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