Affordable Care Act Saves Kansas Governor Sam Brownback From Having To Cut $17.6 Million From This Year’s Budget. Thanks, Obama!

Kansas’s 2-term governor (a lot of Kansas residents STILL can’t figure out how THAT happened), recently announced $62.6 million in budget cuts and fund transfers to prop up the state’s cash reserves.

The largest amount listed in the cuts is from the Kansas SCHIP (Healthwave) program, which offers affordable, low-cost health insurance to uninsured children in Kansas. This program, so vital to Kansas children, is seeing a reduction in its state funding to the tune of a whopping $17.6 million.

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But not so fast — all is not lost! This cut is being offset by an identical INCREASE in funding made possible by … wait for it … the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT!

Yes, that instrument of the “debil” Brownback railed against, is now the salvation of SCHIP in Kansas. How con-VEN-ient! No hypocrisy there. Obamacare is evil, but thanks for the cash!

There is one tiny detail being overlooked: The federal funding was meant to INCREASE state SCHIP budgets, thereby offering benefits to MORE children. NOT IN KANSAS!  Brownback will take that federal money — thank you very much — and DECREASE his state’s budget by a corresponding amount. He will then use that money to fix the very problems he created in the first place through Tea Party-esque tax cuts that have decimated the Kansas economy.

A statement released by Shannon Cotsoradis, president of Kansas Action for Children, a nonprofit advocacy group, says:

Kansas children and families continue to foot the bill for an unsustainable tax plan.

It’s difficult to believe that access to children’s health coverage won’t be put at risk by today’s actions when we know Kansas’ youngest children have been dropping off the state’s Medicaid rolls at an alarming rate since 2012.

Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, criticized Brownback for shoring up the state’s finances with money that “could be used to add additional children and families and give them health insurance.”

I find it ironic that he has spent the last five years blaming President Obama for everything, but for today he is using federal match money to fix the state budget.

Amen, brother!  Just when you thought he couldn’t sink any lower, “Scrooge” Brownback snatches health and wellness out of the hands of needy Kansas children.

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