Adult Movies: The Only Thing Congress Isn’t Fighting About

There has been a lot of fighting on Capitol Hill over government funding recently. Finally an agreement was reached and the threat of another government shutdown diverted much to Americans’ relief. However, of all of the things our leadership fought over, banning government adult movies was not one of them.

Adult films were mentioned three times in the “Cromnibus” deal that will fund the federal government through next year. Why? Because gosh golly sexy movies are bad and super important!

“None of the funds made available in this Act may be used to maintain or establish a computer network unless such network blocks the viewing, downloading, and exchanging of p*rnography.” [Source]

Nobody wants lawmakers to view and share adult movies while they are working, but is it really so important that it needs to be mentioned three times in the Act? No, it’s not.

Furthermore, the rider does absolutely nothing that is not already being done. There are already filters in place on government computers that are intended to block explicit sites. The new law does not lay out new standards for how the filters should work.

Standards would’ve actually been helpful. If you’ve ever had a filter on your computer then you know that they sometimes inadvertently filter out completely acceptable webpages and other times the dirty stuff still gets through. It’s exactly the same on government computers as it is on your own.

Another issue is that there is no clear definition of what p*rnography is. Perhaps, lawmakers should get together and discuss exactly what they are banning to begin with. How do you ban something that you cannot define?

Even with all of these problems the three sections present, there was no arguing about it on the Hill. Should we just take it as a win that our lawmakers agreed on something – even something so insignificant?


It’s frustrating that Congress is so appalled by the idea of an X-rated picture making its way on a computer that they mention it three times. As if that’s as offensive as, say, low-income students having their Pell Grants cut?

The men and women on Capitol Hill really need to reevaluate their priorities and stop wasting time on insignificant issues. This country has much bigger problems that need tackling than adult movies.

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