Adam McKay Just Gave A BLISTERING Rebuke Of Big Money In Politics During Oscars Speech (VIDEO)

Just when then this jaded comedian thought I needed to call a doctor to contain my priapism following Oscar host Chris Rock’s genius opening monologue, in which he called out Hollywood’s racism and beautifully mocked all of today’s manufactured outrage, I nearly went blind following Adam McKay’s acceptance speech.

You might know Adam McKay for bringing us such poignant art as Anchorman and Talladega Nights. But like most comedians in today’s FUBAR world, McKay has quite the knack for skewering the morally bankrupt times in which we live. McKay, co-founder of the website Funny or Die, just won an academy award in the Best Adapted Screenplay category for his new movie, The Big Short, a hard-hitting story about reckless Wall Street greed that led to the financial meltdown in 2008. Naturally, McKay is probably a bigger fan of being waterboarded than supporting Citizen’s United.

And boy did he just give Fox News enough fodder to momentarily disrupt its 24-7 Trump Humping. 

Mckay, who has already let it be known that he’s a big Bernie Sanders supporter, just echoed Bernie Sanders populist sentiment in his Oscar acceptance speech. He used his time to call out “money in politics” and the candidates that bow to it.

Watch Adam McCkay Slam Big Money In Politics And All The Freaks It Produces Below: 

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