Accused Murderer Tech Mogul Running For President (VIDEO)

John McAfee is best known for two things: he’s the tech entrepreneur who is behind McAfee computer antivirus programs and he was a “person of interest” in one of this decade’s most bizarre murder mysteries. So, of course, he’s running for President, but surprisingly, not as a Republican – and not as a Democrat.

McAfee has formed his own party, which he is calling the Cyber Party. He has a lot in common with Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina, in that all three think their experience as a capitalist prepares them to govern. His platform is pretty singular – it’s about his expertise, cyber security. As for the two major parties, he calls them “machines without heart, soul.” Kind of ironic for a man who wants to run on a platform about computers.

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McAfee lived in Belize but was wrapped up in a murder investigation where he was considered a person of interest in the killing of a neighbor with whom McAfee had disputes. He’s also, from many reports, paranoid and more than a little nuts.

While he refuses to discuss his net worth, most of it has dwindled away during his legal troubles and during his time out of the country.

Here’s his announcement video:

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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