According To Trump, The Country Is Full Of 112-Year-Olds Scamming Social Security (VIDEO)

It’s gotten to the point where Donald Trump has become a (perhaps unintentional) piece of performance art. Or, to put it another way, he’s resorted to pulling [email protected] right out of his posterior.

In an apparent attempt to prove his contention that the people of Iowa are stupid, Trump told an audience in Des Moines that there are six million people over 112 who are on Social Security.

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A woman, who allegedly is from the AARP, made the argument that Social Security is unsustainable and that Iowans will lose 25 percent of their benefits.

Trump’s response was pretty typical response. We’ll bring jobs back (somehow), we’ll make ourselves a wealthy nation again (we already are and Donald Trump is proof), we’ll save Social Security. Again, no plans, just the YUUUUUGEEE things Trump will do.

That’s when he went off the rails, once again, with the claim that over six million people aged 112 and over were collecting Social Security. Now, he’s not making the claim that these people are alive, just that there are dead people collecting Social Security. He also told the media to fact check him, because facts are hard.

Believe it or not, Trump’s figures aren’t a complete pants on fire lie, but the cuff is definitely charred. While there are only forty-two people in the world who are known to be over 112, it appears that there are over six million people whose deaths were never recorded and if alive, would be over 112. However, not a single Social Security number of those is collecting benefits. There are thirteen living people who are collecting Social Security at that ripe old age, though.

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Here’s the article he was referring to. The unreported deaths are a bad thing, but not because there are people fraudulently collecting Social Security.

Here’s the video of Trump:

Image via video screenshot.

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