According To RNC Director, Reporting On Rally Violence Causes Rally Violence (VIDEO)

As the GOP continues its search to blame the rally violence on something other than itself, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus leads the way, accusing CNN of fueling the violence at Trump’s rallies on Monday . . . because they spend too much time reporting on the riots.

Believes in violence

Protesters and supporters of Donald Trump have now clashed in more than three separate occasions, including a weekend of clashes at Trump rallies in Utah and Arizona. The cause for the clashes is clear: Trump’s supporters are violent thugs and they can’t stand criticism, and Trump himself acts as the MC to this circus of violence and chaos.

Preibus claims not to support this violence, however, and told CNN host Alisyn Camerota that Trump had “called for the temperature to be cooled,” and that the cause for the rally violence was CNN reporting on the rally violence.

“But look, we’re not a party that believes in violence,” Priebus said. “I think violence begets violence. And I think you’ve got to leave some of the work in the crowd up to the professionals.”

And, he said, if he was “being fair” then the media’s coverage also deserved criticism:

When cable shows are on a constant loop on a couple knuckleheads pushing each other, in a 24/7 loop, you know, you create an environment, I think, that just adds fuel to the fire.

Camerota asked Preibus whether they should be focusing on violence at campaign events, since that’s news and reporting on news is sort of what the news is supposed to do. This led to Preibus further articulating his claim:

Mentioning it is fine. I’m questioning the 24/7 loop. I’m questioning three hours in primetime at night every day talking about it. I mean, I get it. It’s news. I’m not questioning [whether] it’s news, I’m not. But it’s the obsession that I think that also adds to the problem.

Granted, both sides have to disavow violence. But I do think the media is obsessed to the point of it being very noticeable and almost bizarre.

Ah yes, the “both sides” are just as bad bullshit. Hey, Preibus, in case you fell asleep at the wheel (and it looks like you did), the Democrats aren’t opening courting Neo-Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers like Trump is.

Democrats don’t court people who scream that “illegals” are destroying our country (“illegal,” by the way, is properly an adjective, not a noun; you’d think the English-only crowd, formed largely of prescriptivists who whine about the decline of English due to word shift and SMSish, would know the difference).

Although, he is right, sort of — 24/7 news is bad. Trump would not exist in a world without 24/7 news, and if there were no Trump, there would be no rally violence. There’d still be violence, since we’re seeing the fruits of Nixon’s Southern Strategy, but it’d be a of a different type (albeit still Republican in nature).

So Preibus is a clear cut case of “almost right for an absolutely wrong reason.” Which is a step above Trump and his supporters, who are almost always wrong, and can’t even be wrong for the right reason.

Watch the video below:


Feature image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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