‘Abuse Is The New Racism’: Quiverfull Christian Delivers Unhinged Duggar Defense (SCREENSHOTS)

Rick Boyer, board member of the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV), has had enough of the rest of society beating up on poor, sweet, innocent Josh Duggar.

Homeschoolers Anonymous notes that Boyer is “a major fan of Bill Gothard and Josh Duggar,” as well as “a strict adherent to Christian patriarchy and the Quiverfull movement, as he detailed in his 2011 book Take Back the Land: Inspiring a New Generation to Lead America,” a book endorsed by Jim Bob Duggar.

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Though the Christian reality star has admitted to sexually abusing four of his sisters and one other victim, Boyer spoke out in defense of Duggar — as well as Bill Gothard, founder of the Advanced Training Institute. Gothard’s cult created the homeschool curriculum used by the Duggars, but he eventually resigned after it was revealed that he was  abusing his position to sexually groom teens and young women.


“Sometimes things are not what they appear at a distance. With all respect to everybody who has an opinion, I will unequivocally say that the Duggars are one of the happiest, holiest, humblest families I have ever met,” Boyer writes in his Facebook post. “Why don’t the critics ask the Duggar kids what they think of their oldest brother? Because they’d say he’s a sinner-which you and I are too, by the way-and he’s repented and he’s proven that he’s changed and they love and respect him.”

As for Gothard, well he’s just a bit of a foot and hair fetishist — no big deal:

As for Bill Gothard, I am personally acquainted with him and I have a friend very close to that ministry. He was thoroughly investigated and what he was ACTUALLY found to be guilty of was touching some girls’ hands, hair and feet. He was honest enough to admit that these things were inappropriate and resign. But good grief, how does that compare with what most people are guilty of?

In fact, people who beat up on the Duggars simply because Jim Bob and Michelle knowingly concealed numerous instances of child molestation on the part of their dear son, reported it only to a cop friend who is now serving 56 years in prison for possession and distribution of child pornography, and sent their son for counseling at a center (founded by Gothard) that taught him the children were to blame for their abuse, are simply practicing a new form of racism.


According to Boyer, Josh duggar is unfairly considered guilty just because of uncovered police reports and direct admissions:

“Abuse” is the new “racism.” As soon as you’re accused of it, you’re considered guilty. Just what would you like the Duggars to have done? Turn all their kids over to a godless psychologist? Maybe one supplied by the local public school system where “abuse” is so unheard of? Should they have skinned Josh alive, rolled him in salt and hung him on a meathook? They guy sinned, repented, changed, and lived an exemplary life for TWELVE YEARS before a tabloid spent thousands of dollars sending a team to Arkansas to go door to door trying to dig up dirt on this exemplary family. How much would it cost them to find dirt on YOU? Would they have to dig that hard? Do you hear Josh’s sisters railing against him? Not, it’s not the victims howling for scalps, it’s pagans and gullible Christians, eagerly grabbing the bait and shooting their own wounded. Ok, go ahead and follow the crowd. I am taking a stand here and now, and you may quote me anywhere you care to. The Duggars are an exemplary family and I wish I were half the man that Jim Bob Duggar is. I hope I have made myself clear. Let the chips fall where God guides them.

In the third post in boyer’s series of demented ramblings, he explained that Duggar hero Gothard is “a hundred times closer to God” than he is.



“Is Bill a sinner? Yes. Did he ever claim to be anything else? No. The Apostle Paul was a sinner too but he was surely one of the most godly men in the New Testament age,” he wrote. “I firmly believe that Bill Gothard is one of the most godly men in this age. Perfect? No. Just about a hundred times closer to God than I am (And I make and effort).”

Boyer isn’t the first to speak out in support of Josh Duggar. Presidential Mike Huckabee responded to news that Josh Duggar molest children by absolutely gushing about the family. “Janet and I want to affirm our support for the Duggar family,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, ‘inexcusable,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unforgivable.’ He and his family dealt with it and were honest and open about it with the victims and the authorities”

Jessa Duggar’s father-in-law was a bit more direct in his acceptance of sexually abusing children. In a lengthy blog post, Michael Seewald explained that, if they could get away with it, anyone would molest a child.

Conservatives have been falling all over themselves to speak up for their heroic child abuser, explaining that Josh was just “playing doctor” or that he was “just a kid.”

However, not a single person on the Right seems to consider that, thanks to math and the knowledge that one of Josh Duggar’s victims is still a minor, we know that at least one child he abused was no older than five years old at the time the abuse occurred — that, or it simply does not bother Christians that a teenager who is fully aware of right and wrong would molest a 5-year-old, if he hates the right kind of people (the gays) strongly enough.

Jim Bob Duggar once campaigned on a platform that called for the execution of child molesters like his son. Though his opinion has certainly changed with the public revelation of Josh’s “youthful mistakes,” it was probably the one time in his life he has been right about anything — even if he was justifying an abortion ban when he said it.

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