Absolutely Cringeworthy: Trump BOMBS During Al Smith Dinner Speech, Loud Boos Drown Out Awful Jokes (VIDEO)

One night after their testy third debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump appeared on stage together at the annual Al Smith Memorial Dinner. And to say things didn’t go well for Trump is an understatement.

The dinner, named after former New York Governor Al Smith, who was also the nation’s first Roman Catholic presidential candidate, is a fundraiser for Catholic Charities. It is typical for the sitting president to speak, and in election years it is almost a must for presidential candidates to put in an appearance and address the gathering. Traditionally the speeches are light in character, with good-natured jabs being exchanged.

But as we have seen on many occasions throughout the primary and general election season, Donald Trump is one of the most humorless presidential candidates in history. He has no clue of how to poke fun at an opponent — he only knows how to berate and belittle. That is what he tried with his “jokes” aimed at Hillary, and the crowd let him know in no uncertain terms that they were unimpressed.

Bradd Jaffy, a writer and editor for NBC Nightly News, posted a video on Twitter of the worst gasbag explosion since the Hindenburg. The saddest part of the entire affair was that it wasn’t entirely clear whether the humorless candidate knew the boos were directed at him.

There were a couple of things that would have been funny, had they been delivered by a human being with an actual sense of humor. But when it comes to Trump, one of those characteristics is non-existent, and the other one is highly in doubt.

For her part, Clinton played the good sport, smiling and laughing, although it’s not entirely clear whether she was laughing because she was trying to pretend Trump’s jokes were funny, or because she knows that after his debate performance, followed by this speech, her election is all but guaranteed.

Here’s Bradd Jaffy’s video of Trump’s simply awful speech, via Twitter:

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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