Absolute Proof That CNN Is Now Completely Conservative (VIDEO)

It’s long been a GOP tactic than when they are cornered, they attack the messenger. For instance, they’ve made a valiant effort to debunk climate change by focusing on Al Gore’s home. They destroyed ACORN with falsehoods when all ACORN did was get out the vote. They are continuously trying to destroy Planned Parenthood. They won the 2004 reelection of George W. Bush by destroying the reputation of a war hero and now, they are attempting to discredit Black Lives Matter because of one member and the mainstream media is helping.

Last week, a light-skinned Black Lives Matter activist became the center of media attention after Breitbart.com wrote a story saying that Shaun King was, in fact, white.

There was a grain of truth to the story. King’s mother is white and the man on his birth certificate is also white but his biological father is black. King spoke up against the attacks on him in this Daily Kos article.

Fox took the Breitbart story and ran with it, which isn’t surprising, but CNN fell for Breitbart’s story hook line and sinker. Don Lemon, CNN’s (I’ll let my African-American readers fill in the rest of that description), said that King is “facing some very tough questions today and tonight about his own race,” adding that a source told CNN “that both King’s parents are white.” Lemon cited Breitbart News, asking, “Is this Rachel Dolezal 2.0?”

Here’s the video:

The next day CNN (but not Don Lemon) acknowledged that King might be telling the accurate story and that Black Lives Matter is being targeted by those on the right and that he was bullied into the story.

Here’s that video:

None of this should be surprising. CNN long ago backed off its reputation as an actual news agency. Instead, they lightly scratch the surface of a few of the most sensational stories and instead of reporters, they read talking points.

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