ABC Host Skewers Trump, Says ‘You Are Going To Make Out Well’ Under Tax Plan

So far, Trump’s campaign has been hilariously incoherent and vague. The only coherent idea he proposed was an insane scheme to build a multibillion dollar wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Last week, he revealed how he planned to pay for the wall: eliminate the income tax for many Americans and lower them for highest-income earners.

Trump declared it would cost him a fortune. Reality — and ABC host George Stephanopoulos– disagreed.

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It’s Always Savings Time At Farmer Trump

Americans fundamentally misunderstand how taxes and economics work. Talking for several minutes with any random American will reveal it. It’s why idiocy like “taxes are theft” gets traction, why you hear conservatives say stupid things like, “stealing MY money” and “Democrats will run out of other people’s money to spend,” and why things like the flat tax and gold standard are paraded around like good ideas.

And it’s also why Trump’s plan will likely catch on.

Trump’s campaign has been vague so far, because the crowd that Trump is appealing to don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to even bother understanding something more complicated than a level 1 book (and probably not even that, since they can’t jump to the bottom and leave a stupid comment based off the title alone). Herman Cain showed us this already.

That’s good for running a sham campaign, but not for a country, or for an interview. This weekend, ABC’s This Week host, George Stephanopoulos, cornered Trump asking for specifics, and hammering Trump when Trump tried to maintain that he wouldn’t be paying less in taxes.

Throughout the interview, Trump maintained that “everybody’s going to save,” and that the money would go “into other things.”

Stephanopoulos wasn’t buying it, and needled Trump by pointing out that, “You’re going to get a tax cut.”

Trump admitted that he didn’t “know” because he has “very big deductions that are frankly some of them are ridiculous.”

He continued:

You’re entitled to deductions, so I don’t know that I am.

He did, however, refute that he was going to save any money:

I think that probably I’ll end up paying more under this, to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to. If you look at all of the kinds of deductions that people are allowed to take, that you’re not going to be taking anymore including carried interest that’s just one of them, I think I probably don’t do as well.

Even when Stephanopoulos hammered him directly, asking Trump if “you do accept that you are going to make out well under your tax plan,” Trump refused to budge.

“I don’t know I mean if the economy is good, if the economy is great, everybody makes out well,” he insisted.

I agree that Trump and other rich people have some ridiculous deductions that they get for being rich. But eliminating the income tax doesn’t help the people who need it the most, and it certainly won’t cost Trump a fortune.

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