A Trump Advisor Says Something So Stupid An Entire CNN Panel Busts Out Laughing At Him (VIDEO)

Donald Trump doesn’t care one iota about the truth. His entire campaign has been based on repeating whatever rhetoric makes the idiots who attend his rallies more energized and violent. If that means calling Mexicans rapists and declaring if black people have a  59 percent unemployment rates then so be it. If it means inventing scandals and putting words into peoples’ mouths then so be it.

That attitude has obviously trickled down to his staff, who have done a bang-up job of making fools of themselves across the media spectrum. This particular encounter between a Trump advisor and a panel at CNN is the perfect example of how Donald Trump has twisted the narrative of this entire election to entice the low-hanging fruit of America to back his dreams of reality TV in the Oval Office.

The issue is guns and the 2nd Amendment. Don Lemon points out that Trump has been pushing the load of crap that it’s Hillary Clinton’s intention to repeal the 2nd Amendment if she’s elected, as if a president has that kind of power. When he asked the Trump loyalist why Trump continues to push that talking point, the response is so utterly stupid that the entire panel busts out laughing at the same time. It truly is magnificent to behold:

Featured image via screen capture

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