A True Christian: Jimmy Carter Teaches Sunday School Just Hours After His Grandson Died (VIDEO)

Any person that suffers such a tragedy would be expected to halt their life for a while and mourn their loss. What Jimmy did was nothing short of incredible.

A terrible event struck Jimmy Carter’s family this Sunday when his grandson Jeremy died at the age of 28. Jeremy had excused himself from supper to go lay down because he was not feeling well. After his family checked on him they found his heart had stopped beating. He was rushed to the hospital at 1:30 a.m. and while they were trying to resuscitate him his heart stopped a second time, where he then passed away. Carter was quoted as saying:

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He was just 28 and a very wonderful young man who we loved very much.

Jimmy’s grandson had just died and his first thought was not about himself, but about those he served at his church. There cannot be a better example of a true Christian than this man.

Jimmy decided that his personal grief was less important than ministering to his friends at Maranatha Baptist Church and decided that it was his duty to go and teach Sunday school for them as he has done nearly 700 times in the past. He showed up late, which he remarked he never does, and then made the announcement to a stunned and saddened crowd.

Former President Carter is unfairly used as a punching bag by so-called “Christian” Republicans everywhere, calling him the worst president ever or using him to insult other Democratic leaders by comparing them to Carter. The man’s grandson just died, and his first thought was not about himself but about those he served. No Republican will ever be as good a soul as Jimmy is, even for a day.

Watch coverage of the news regarding the Carter family tragedy below:

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