A Special Goodbye To The Saddest Campaign Of All Time (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush was doomed from the start. The only problem is, Jeb Bush — like most of us, didn’t know it. When he came onto the scene he did so with a confidence and swagger he would need to maintain throughout his campaign. In his speech declaring his candidacy, Bush said, “In Florida they call me Jeb!” and the crowd went wild.

As far as the political bloggers and pundits knew, we were looking at the Republican candidate for President. He had the name, he had the money and he would probably carry a key battleground state. It looked like Hillary Clinton was going to get her showdown with a Bush. In the months that followed, Bernie Sanders came on the scene to cast a shadow of doubt on the inevitability of Clinton and the universe sent what is apparently kryptonite to a Bush: Donald Trump.

To be fair, Bush gave him an easy target. At the very first debate, Jeb went to his old faithful line “In Florida they call me Jeb!” He stood there a second or two that must have felt like a lifetime nodding his head over those hunchy shoulders that remind you of the vulture from Bugs Bunny.

My mama dun told me…to get something for dinner…

The crowd’s response was epic….Crickets. Jeb moved on and never used the line again, because nobody cared what the rubes in Florida who wanted to watch Terry Schiavo’s body die of old age decades after she was gone think. Now Jeb! Can go home and “sleep with his best friend,” but he will never again be taken seriously after dropping out of a presidential race that American Republicans basically handed him and losing it to not only Donald Trump but Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

That’s not very high-caliber competition. Here’s a fantastic little video put together by The Huffington Post to celebrate just how sad it is to be Jeb Bush:


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