A Ring Of Welfare Fraudsters Was Just Busted: Republicans Will Be SHOCKED By Who It Was

A huge welfare fraud ring in Utah was just broken up by authorities, resulting in the arrest of 11 men and women. Who were these “welfare queens?” They were former members of the now disgraced child-rapist Warren Jeffs’ ultra-fundamentalist Mormon cult. Jeffs is spending the rest of his life in prison for raping 12- and 15-year-old girls who he called his “wives.” Great people. Right?

Lyle and Seth, Jeffs’ brothers, were a part of the welfare fraud ring. You might already see where this is going. Utah, Mormons, fundamentalist cult… You guessed it. They are all white and They aren’t poor. Oh man, Republicans are going to be pissed off that these people are white, wealthy, and heavily religious.

Imagine if Fox News tried to cover this story, and they had to focus their welfare rage on wealthy white ultra-religious people instead of poor “urban” minorities. They wouldn’t know what to do.

The Jeffs brothers set up convenience stores and got them licensed to be allowed to accept SNAP (food stamps). Afterward, church members then ran their own SNAP cards fraudulently, by purchasing food then donating it to the church or by running the cards without actually buying any products – which basically funneled pure taxpayer cash to the Jeffs. The money was then laundered through other companies owned by their church.

If a guilty verdict is returned against all involved, which is very likely due to the rather damning evidence presented, they could be facing upwards of 25 years in prison. The state will also attempt to recover the full amount of money taken during the scheme.

Republicans have been demonizing the poor, and particularly poor minorities, for decades over the fact some of them need social assistance programs to get by in life. They never talk about all the good these programs do, keeping families with children in a warm home, keeping them from starving or allowing them to see a doctor if needed. All they ever do is complain about the fact the programs are “full of waste, fraud and abuse.” They parrot that line almost reflexively without even thinking and insist the only way to make welfare better is by destroying it completely.

Featured image via The Blaze

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