A National Embarrassment: Trump Sent His Very Favorite ‘Boob Guy’ To Paris Syria Meeting

Donald Trump is filling his administration with a collection of cronies, mega-donors, and crooks. The group is historically ill-prepared for the job. Not their new boss has any room to talk. Trump has never worked in government, never spent time in the military, and has skipped his intelligence briefings. Meanwhile, his team is filled to the brim with opportunists woefully inexperienced for their roles in the White House. And making matters worse, Trump is leaning heavily on his children to help him – three people whose only qualification is their surname.

And it’s already causing national embarrassment and profound international implications. Just weeks before the election, Trump, in all of his wisdom, decided to send his son, a self-described “boob guy” and lover of animal killing to meet with pro-Russian factions in Paris to discuss America’s policy on Syria. What does Donald Trump Jr. know about Syria? Jack shit.

Donald Trump’s eldest son, emerging as a potential envoy for the president-elect, held private discussions with diplomats, businessmen and politicians in Paris last month that focused in part on finding a way to cooperate with Russia to end the war in Syria, according to people who took part in the meetings.

Thirty people, including Donald Trump Jr., attended the Oct. 11 event at the Ritz Paris, which was hosted by a French think tank. The founder of the think tank, Fabien Baussart,and his wife, Randa Kassis, have worked closely with Russia to try to end the conflict.

And because Don Jr is clueless, experts are increasingly concerned that the much more experienced Russian diplomats he’s hanging with are playing him and his dad like fiddles.

The disclosure of a meeting between the younger Mr. Trump and pro-Russia figures—even if not Russian government officials—poses new questions about contacts between the president-elect, his family and foreign powers. It is also likely to heighten focus on the elder Mr. Trump’s stated desire to cooperate with the Kremlin once in office.

The idea of Donald Trump Jr getting the keys to America’s foreign policy is a chilling one. Up until this point in his life, Don’s role in his dad’s life is serving as his shadow. On Twitter, Don Jr. might have the only account that regularly tweets things dumber than his father.

Here’s a few more:

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Trump ran on the premise that he would “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C. Instead, he’s diverted a raw sewage pipeline directly into the White House. In America’s history there have been corrupt administrations, incompetent administrations, clueless administrations. There has never been an administration that takes those qualities and cranks them up to this level so shamelessly. This is new. This is not normal.

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