A Mexican Beer Ad Just Trolled Trump And Fox News Viewers – And It Was Glorious (VIDEO)

Besides making political comedians and writers flush with more material than we can handle, Donald Trump’s entire raison d’etre has been a quest to build a huge wall to keep out a non-existent flood* of immigrants. (*Migration from Mexico is actually at net zero. But we all know facts are for low-energy losers.)

But in a hilarious bit of trolling, the angry white nativists who watched the first presidential debate on Fox News were greeted to a commercial that was essentially 30 seconds of telling Trump to “f*ck off!”

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“The time has come for a wall,” the narrator boldly says as the video shows a desert landscape split by a tiny wall. “A tremendous wall. The best wall. The Tecate beer wall.”

“A wall that brings us together,” the ad continues as Mexican residents and American residents meet up at the wall to chill over some brewskis. “This wall may be small, but it’s going to be huge. You’re welcome, America.”

In a year that is often depressing to think about, perhaps the best way to deal with it all is to employ biting humor and ridicule. This beer company nailed it.

Watch the ad below:

Featured image via screen capture

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