A List Of Things Republicans Are Spending Less Money On Than Benghazi Hearings (VIDEO)

The Republican Party claims to be a party that cares about fiscal responsibility.  Their actions, however, reveal a very different story.

According to committee documents, the Republican Party spent $3.3 million on the latest round of Benghazi hearings.  $2.2 million went to the Republican Party for research, while Democrats received just over $1 million.

ThinkProgress reviewed 20 House permanent committees that took place between January 3, 2013 to January 3, 2014, and found that Republicans have spent more than $5.5 million in investigating the faux-Benghazi scandal.

According to those documents, Benghazi committees have received more funding than hearings on small business, ethics, veteran affairs, agriculture, space, science, and technology, among others.

  • Committee on Rules: $2,857,408
  • Committee on Small Business: $2,992,688
  • Committee on Ethics: $3,020,459
  • Committee on Veterans’ Affairs: $3,048,546
  • Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: $4,389,758
  • Committee on House Administration: $4,600,560
  • Committee on Agriculture: $5,036,187
  • Committee on the Budget: $5,138,824
  • Committee on Science, Space, and Technology: $5,282,755
  • House Benghazi Panel: $5,657,142
  • Committee on Natural Resources: $6,555,829
  • Committee on Armed Services: $6,563,535
  • Committee on Education and the Workforce: $6,952,763
  • Committee on Homeland Security: $7,033,588
  • Committee on the Judiciary: $7,077,016
  • Committee on Foreign Affairs: $7,388,112
  • Committee on Financial Services: $7,394,482
  • Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure: $8,182,307
  • Committee on Ways and Means: $8,423,411
  • Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: $8,940,437
  • Committee on Energy and Commerce: $9,520,516

This is top of the cost to the Pentagon for complying with their witch-hunt.

Of the eight Congressional investigations, not one has found any wrong doing at the foot of President Obama, or then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Still, Republicans continue to throw money at the investigation, hoping to find an “ah-ha!” moment.

For a party that is telling the American public there isn’t enough money for infrastructure projects, education, health care, this should anger every American.

Watch the video here

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va3dOWEFijY?rel=0]
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