GOP Lawmaker Who Gave Girls To A Rapist Collects $846K A Year – To Run A Daycare!

In September 2013, Arkansas State Rep. Justin Harris gave his adopted daughters to Eric Cameron Francis, utilizing a ridiculous law that allows people in Arkansas who adopt to “rehome” the kids if it doesn’t work out.  Rehoming isn’t subject to oversight, it’s a private transfer of children as though they were cattle.

In April 2014, Francis raped one of the girls, a six-year-old.  Harris said he was “sickened.”

He was sickened because Eric Francis was an employee at the daycare Harris and his wife run, the “Growing God’s Kingdom” pre-school. What he failed to mention was that he had given Francis the little girl after he and his wife decided they didn’t want her anymore.

That’s but half the story of the deplorable human being that is Justin Harris.

Harris, a so-called champion of smaller government, collects $900,000 a year to indoctrinate 150 students at his daycare. Of that, only 6% comes from private funds. The rest is taxpayer-funded money directed towards needy children.

The daycare has come under scrutiny for taking taxpayer funds. The school’s handbook promises that  teachers “strive too [sic] ensure that your child feels the love of Jesus Christ while preparing them for kindergarten.” The children, it continues, will be taught “the word of God” so that they can “spread the word of God to others.”

The money goes towards operating expenses, Harris and his wife’s salaries and benefits and the mortgage on the property.

Harris is the guy who introduced a bill that would ban schools from punishing children for religious expression, claiming kids were being chastised for wearing religious clothing and jewelry and placed in detention by atheist teachers for saying “bless you” after a sneeze.

It turns out the kids are already protected by this thing called the first amendment, and the redundant bill stalled in committee.

Harris also proves to be quite the hypocrite. While fighting against undocumented children attending school and receiving in-state services without proving citizenship, Harris’ own school accepts funds for “perhaps a dozen” undocumented children out of its 150 students.

Harris’ latest bout of hypocrisy and greed would put even more taxpayer money in his pocket.  He introduced a measure this week that would exempt “schools” like his from needing sprinkler systems unless they have commercial kitchens, which would place children all over Arkansas at risk so Harris can save a few bucks.

H/T: Addicting Info | Image: Screen Capture From YouTube


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