A Former Marine’s Special Message To American Voters Will Definitely Piss Off Trump

Anyone with a functioning brain cell or two knows that Donald Trump is all about Donald Trump. His idea of personal sacrifice is flying commercial or golfing at a public course. When actually presented with an opportunity to serve the country he claims to love and want to save, Trump avoided combat in Vietnam multiple times. One of his compelling arguments for avoiding service was that he had sore feet. Some tough guy, right?

But that certainly can’t be said about former Marine Frank Biggio.

Penning an opinion piece for Cleveland.com, Biggio went into great detail about his commitment to country and sacrifice, including multiple tours in Afghanistan.

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From Cleveland.com

As one of the roughly 22 million Americans who served, or are serving, in the nation’s military, I always appreciate when people tell me, “Thank you for your service.” My response is always, “You’re welcome,” and other than the occasional department store discount or free round of drinks, I’ve never sought to exploit my veteran status to garner any special favors.

Biggio then went on to explain why Trump is so utterly clueless when it comes to both the military and facing the truly frightening foreign policy obstacles a president is confronted with. Hence, why Biggio says the best thing American voters can possibly do is vote for Hillary.

One of our options includes a man who has glibly spoken about using nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle East and seems unconcerned about nuclear proliferation by other countries simply because it is “going to happen anyway;” who fails to comprehend the deterrent effect of U.S. troops in South Korea against increasingly belligerent threats by North Korea; who would allow NATO member states on Russia’s western border to fall to Kremlin aggressions unless they “pay up;” and who has denigrated the family of an Army captain killed in action while serving his country.This is a mercurial man who will have almost unchecked authority to put uniformed men and women in harm’s way, but whose understanding of foreign affairs and military strategy is based almost solely on his instincts rather than analysis.

His greatest line, however, was when he mocked Trump’s total lack of military knowledge.

“Trump is no Eisenhower,” wrote Biggio. “He’s more like the fictional Captain Queeg played by Humphrey Bogart in ‘The Caine Mutiny.'”

Not only is Trump no Eisenhower, he’s like Mussolini on steroids, and he has a whole basket of deplorables stupid enough to think he cares about them. Time and again, Trump has shown himself to be a mercurial, trigger-happy know-nothing who’s utterly incapable of handling the delicate dance of world diplomacy.

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