A Cynical Samantha Bee Tries To Get Inside The Minds Of Bernie Supporters (VIDEO)


Recently, Samantha Bee, star of the TBS show Full Frontal, decided to speak with a panel of Bernie Sanders supporters and figure out why they are so passionate about their candidate.

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Bee began the interview stating:

“I’m not here to bash Bernie,” Bee said. “I’m just here to understand your optimism, and stick my fingers in it, and just roll it around in my hands, and restore myself to the person I used to be

Which automatically prompted a Sanders fan to offer Bee a group hug.

Bee asked the panel what would be the difference between an Obama and a Sanders presidency. The panel replied:

It takes a movement to get this stuff done.” “The difference is that the people will rise and stay awake after Bernie is elected.” “If he has problems with Congress, I think he would call on support. … ‘Let’s have a big protest.

Bee wasn’t impressed:

So are you literally saying to me right now that the difference between Obama and Bernie Sanders is that the people of America are going to continue to be motivated within the political process, and they’re going to keep putting pressure on our elected leaders to make change?” she asked. “Have you met people?

Despite Bee’s cynicism, the optimism of the Bernie supporters was unflappable. “Do you ask for a loaf of bread and get a half, or do you ask for a slice and get crumbs?” one panelist asked.

Bee’s interview touched on one of the main differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters.

While Sanders supporters believe that they can usher in a new era in politics, one where millions of Americans are active and engaged in the political process 365 days a year; Clinton supporters are more pragmatic.

They believe that political, social and economic change will happen in slow, compromised increments as it always has. Her supporters don’t think that the naive Sanders supporters will stay involved in the political process beyond the election.

History would seem to favor the Clinton supporters’ narrative more so than Sanders. Even during this year’s primaries, Democrats experienced lower turnout numbers than was the case in 2012. Meanwhile, Republicans have seen record turnout during their primaries.

However, many believe the “political revolution” that Sanders advocates will happen with or without a Sanders presidency. They argue that America will see a radical political shift in one direction or the other due to the confluence of corruption, economic strife, and general electorate anger that’s building up year after year. Could it be possible that America bears witness to the birth of a new political reality in the not so distant future?

Towards the end, Bee just couldn’t buy into their candidate, stating: “I can’t have my heart broken again.”

When Bee asked one panelist what she plans to do about her Bernie Sanders tattoo if things don’t work out, the panelist replied:

I’ll just say it’s Danny DeVito.

Here’s the video.


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