A Christian Democratic Senator Totally Just Schooled Christofascists In One Epic Quote (IMAGE)

The sanctimonious hypocrisy that emanates from the Christian right-wing has reached bio-hazard level 3, stage 5 levels. Vile and hateful “Christians”, like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, would sooner complain about a gay person trying to be happy, than rescue a burning bus of nuns and orphans. Indeed, they know nothing of Jesus’ work and if he were to actually return, they would call him a lazy taker and send him off to Gitmo for having a long beard.

Enter Senator Cory Booker

Although innocent people in my state of New Jersey have to suffer under the wrath of Gov. Flintstone, we’re lucky enough to have a very thoughtful and caring man in Senator Cory Booker. Senator Booker was the one bright spot in the 2014 elections, amid a sea of lifeless, existential voids. The U.S. Junior Senator from New Jersey rose to popularity for his basic acts of governance and kindnesses as the Mayor of Newark, often using social media to speak and help his constituents shovel snow or rescue dogs.  It’s hard to believe this man is actually human, yet a member of the top one percent’s legislative club. But with just one quote, the Democratic Senator and self-described Christian beautifully slaughtered every single one of the right-wing’s faux Christians:

Image via @DailyKos and courtesy of Pro-Choice Liberals

Image via @DailyKos and courtesy of Pro-Choice Liberals

Thanks to Pro-Choice Liberals for the excellent meme.

The NJ Senator is a shining example of the proper and correct way of following in Jesus’ teachings, though you would think Booker is Christ with all of his Twitter followers. Kudos to Senator Booker for having the courage to call out ll of these false prophets and hateful zealots.

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