A 2012 Tweet By Trump’s Unraveling Spokeswoman Proves She Totally Thought Obama Invaded Afghanistan

Despite Donald Trump’s claim that as president he would only hire the “best people,” his official spokeswoman is a rapidly unfolding trainwreck. Katrina Pierson is Trump’s voice in the media, but until recently she was just a conservative woman who lamented that America’s multiculturalism exemplified by President Obama’s ethnic background meant there were very few “pure breeds” left and who appears to have flirted with 9/11 trutherism.

(Note: She later tried to walk back that tweet by saying it didn’t refer to that 9/11. She was merely suggesting Benghazi was an inside job. An equally idiotic assertion.)

Pierson’s lack of intelligence was on full display this week when she joined CNN’s New Day host Victor Blackwell to defend Trump’s latest comments accusing President Obama of “founding” ISIS. Rather than help her boss get out of his quadmire, she made her own by dropping a megaton idiocy bomb. According to Pierson, ISIS would never exist if only Obama hadn’t invaded Afghanistan.

Remember we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time. Barack Obama went into Afghanistan creating another problem

A visibly stunned Blackwell asks Pierson to clarify, at which point Pierson doubles down: “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – that was Obama’s war, yes.”

To be clear: No, President Obama did not invade Afghanistan during his presidency. His predecessor, George W. Bush, did so shortly after 9/11. By the time Obama took office, the war in Afghanistan had been going on for nearly a decade.

Pierson could have merely admitted to misspeaking. A simple, “In the heat of the moment, I got confused and said something that was clearly wrong.” Instead, she took a cue from her boss and blamed everyone else.

Then she predictably pivoted to bashing Bill Clinton for “letting Osama Bin Laden go” – another popular right-wing spin with very little grounding in reality.

However, audio issues or not, Pierson clearly really does believe President Obama was responsible for the war in Afghanistan. She had floated that theory as far back as 2012. In another example of a tweet that any sane person would have deleted years ago, you can find her telling her followers all about Obama’s foolhardy invasion of Afghanistan.

And again in 2013…

It can’t be repeated enough: This is Donald Trump’s official spokesperson. This is who he chose to be his voice. A woman who is either willfully lying about something as easily fact-checked as who invaded Afghanistan during Bush’s presidency or she really, truly believes that President Obama, elected in 2008, went back in time and invaded Afghanistan in 2002.

Only the “best people” indeed.

Featured image via Fox News

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