8th-Grader Impersonates Trump, Cruz, Obama, Clinton And Sanders In Best Grad Speech EVER (VIDEO)

Are you ready for something hilarious? Jack Aiello, An 8th-grader graduating from Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, decided to deliver his speech in character from political figures ripped from the headlines. Starting with Donald Trump, he moves his way through Ted Cruz, President Obama, Secretary Clinton and finally Senator Bernie Sanders.

He nails each and every one…perfectly.

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This young man has a future in comedy. His magnificent speech also affirms that our young people are paying attention and that the things they hear (are you listening, Donald?) stick in their bright young minds.

He doesn’t just nail the candidates and the president on voice, inflection and body language, he also manages to take each individual’s personality and associates it with a part of his middle school experience. From learning about, which he loves; he has many good friends in China, to the cinnamon rolls being delicious but they should be free, he has the auditorium in stitches. The standing ovation he gets is more than well-deserved.

Watch the 8th-grade graduation speech to beat all other below:

Correction: Article originally said school was in Virginia. It is in Illinois.

Featured image via screenshot, Google Plus, and Getty Images

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