7th Grader Arrested For Calling A Muslim Boy ‘Towel Head,’ Threatening To Shoot Him With Dad’s Gun

A seventh-grade Ohio student is facing expulsion after threatening to shoot a sixth-grade student because he is Muslim.

According to reports, the older boy threatened a fifth grader on December 7. He told the child that he was going to bring a .40-caliber gun into school the next day and shoot him because he was a terrorist and a “towel head.” The seventh grader called the student the “son of ISIS” and accused him of causing the 9/11 World Trade Center attack.

The incident was captured on video and audio surveillance on the school bus. Another student overheard the incident and told the bus driver who contacted authorities. The victim said that he was afraid of the older student because he believed the boy would hurt him or other students. The seventh grader admitted that he threatened the Muslim boy and said that it was because he never sat down on the bus and played his music too loud. According to Raw Story:

He told police he didn’t remember saying anything about a gun, but he agreed the recording showed he had threatened to shoot his classmate. The boy told police that he was familiar with firearms because he hunts with his father. He was arrested and charged with ethnic intimidation and aggravated menacing.

The Administrators at Vandalia-Butler City Schools suspended the student for ten days and recommended him for expulsion.

This is a very disturbing case and it shows just how dangerous right-wing rhetoric is. We don’t know anything about these children other than what has been reported, but it’s not hard to assume that the older kid’s parents believe that all Muslims are terrorists. Sure, kids say stuff all the time and we can’t always blame parents, but this kind of deep-seated hate in a child this young doesn’t just appear out of thin air. If his parents do not peddle this kind of disgusting hate in their home, then they damn sure better explain to their child how damaging that kind of speech is.

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