7-Year-Old Boy Calling Out Tom Cotton For Trying to Defund PBS Is EVERYTHING (VIDEO)

Tom Cotton’s town hall did not go the way he wanted it to. Rather than a small gathering of like-minded Republicans he discovered thousands of very angry voters tired of his despicable behavior in Washington. These were not “paid protesters” but wives with ill husbands, retired teachers, and – in one amazing case – a 7-year-old boy named Toby.

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In a video that is quickly going viral, Toby calls out Cotton for his recent push (along with Trump) to defund the arts, including stripping support away from PBS and other educational broadcasting. Republicans have long hated PBS and other public broadcasting despite its meager budget and huge impact on the lives of thousands of children. The 7-year-old asked him how he could justify killing PBS to spend money on a giant wall. The crowd went wild.

It’s pretty sad when a young child seems to have his priorities in order and Republicans in Congress still struggle with basic compassion.

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