6 Charts That Prove Obama Is The Worst Socialist Ever (IMAGES)


President Obama is going to go down in history as one of the greatest and most successful presidents in modern history, if not ever. The amount of progress and number of policy wins, both foreign and domestic, are profound in the face of the universal obstruction he has been stymied with by Republicans. If it was not for them blocking him at almost every turn, we could have had a second incarnation of the legend that was FDR.

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After years of Republicans promising the complete destruction of America if even one speck of Obama’s policies or agenda got enacted, he just keeps OWNING them all the way to the history books.

No wonder they are angry all the time.

Yet after all these wins, Republicans just keep whining about how he is spending everyone else’s money, and wants to turn America into a Socialist nation where everyone is dependent on the government. Is Obama really a Socialist, and wanting to turn us into “Socialist Europe?” If he is, he is clearly the worst Socialist ever. The best way to describe Republicans, is that they are the unsuccessful bully that gets beat up by the popular kid every time they try to steal his lunch money. Lets look at some charts to back all of this up with the cold hard facts Republicans love to hate.


  1. Private sector job growth is at an incredible unbroken streak.

We are currently in a 65 month straight run of job gains. This is one way Obama is destroying your freedom, according to Republicans. He is giving you the chance to be employed. Clearly he is a failure when it comes to forcing you to depend on the government.

Obama Jobs Streak. Photo: whitehouse.gov

Obama Jobs Streak. Photo: whitehouse.gov


2. Unemployment just keeps going down.

Remember when Republicans promised to get unemployment below 6 percent by the second term of the fictional “President Romney”? Well Obama did it in half that time. It is another failing mark on Obama’s Socialist scorecard, because he is helping people earn money by working, instead of handing out “other people’s money” to them.

Unemployment under Obama.

Unemployment under Obama. Photo: Forbes 


3. The federal deficit just keeps going lower.

Despite the “explosive spending” that Republicans keep screaming about to every camera and microphone, the U.S. budget deficit just keeps managing to somehow shrink. You would think that for being the ultra Communist, big government, punishing-the-rich-by-taxing-them, wasteful spender that Obama is, it should be far far higher than George W. Bush. Somehow though, it never is. You will never be a good Socialist if you don’t spend everyone else’s money, Obama.

Obama Shrinking Deficit

Obama Shrinking Deficit. Photo: Maddowblog


4. The stock market just keeps going up.

There was a slight flub in August of 2015 when China’s market skittered a little bit, but over all Obama has been the best steward of the market in recent memory. Someone really needs to explain to President Obama that a Socialist like him should be doing more to crush private and corporate business.

Stock Market Under Obama

Stock Market Under Obama. Photo: CNN Money


5. Impressively low gas prices.

Gasoline prices have gone lower than Republicans promised to get them, faster than they promised to get them there, because Obama let the free market sort it out. Everybody knows no true Socialist lets the market be free.

Gas Prices Under Obama. Photo: Gasbudddy.com http://www.gasbuddy.com/

Gas Prices Under Obama. Photo: Gasbudddy.com


6. Obamacare is a huge success.

Obama forced people to buy private insurance policies from the free market, causing the uninsured rate to plummet. Everyone knows that a true Socialist wouldn’t send people to the free market, but would instead create some government program via higher taxes to make people more dependent on social welfare for staying healthy.

U.S. uninsured rate.Photo: Gallup http://www.gallup.com/poll/182348/uninsured-rate-dips-first-quarter.aspx

U.S. uninsured rate.Photo: Gallup 

As you can see, the history of this issue is clear. Obama is most successful bad Socialist ever. Without his inept grasp of how Socialism is supposed to work, he wouldn’t have rescued America from itself and helped make the rest of the free world start to like us again. He also wouldn’t have undone most of the Republican policy failures, or stood up to their insanity by blocking the worst of their proposed laws with a wave of his veto pen.

Thanks, Obama!


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